Caught With my Pants Down

Well it’s Monday and I had no post prepared.

What with #5MinuteFiction on Tuesdays, new chapters of Mourn the Sun on Wednesdays, and #FridayFlash, and the fact that I don’t post on the weekends, much of my week is covered with ready-made posts and I fill in the miscellaneous on the days left.

I woke up this morning, quite sure that a scheduled post would magically pop up at 8:30 and I’d go about my day.

Not so. I have been caught unprepared and it is a quiet and lonely Monday here on Write Me!

Well, there’s always plenty going on so here’s a quick update:

  • The Giveaway is rolling right along. Tweet about it to your friends and send people over here. If we get a good influx, I’m thinking of adding a second prize.
  • I’ve spent much of the past week reading/critiquing for other writers and let me tell you what an incredibly rewarding experience that is, on both sides. Maybe there’s a post on that in the future.
  • And also, all you aspiring writers pay attention to this one: I got a request for a full last week and the agent said it was because I’d done my homework and personalized the letter in a way that really caught her attention. *NOTE: I don’t mean it was goofy or gimmacky. On the contrary, is was completely professional but it was also a letter to HER and HER AGENCY and not just a Dear Agent.

Do this, my friends. Know the agent you are querying and write the letter to him/her. It DOES make a difference.

OK, that’s all for now. I’m off to read more of Richard Wood‘s excellent The Prodigal’s Foole.

Have a great week!

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