Meet the Host: #5MinuteFiction Blog Tour Week 4



You’re in for a real treat with this week’s stop on the 5MinuteFiction Blog Tour, because you get to meet debut author JM Frey, @scifrey just days before the release of her first novel, Triptych, from Dragon Moon Press.

On April 11 you can participate in Make Triptych #1 on Amazon by buying your e-book copy that day!

But, while you’re waiting, we’re doing 5MinuteFiction on her blog tomorrow! (It’s all fancy and sci-fiey looking over there too. Cool.)

So go check her out now, and be there tomorrow at 1:30 EST for the fast and crazy (and this week, futuristic) fun that is 5MinuteFiction!

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2 Responses to Meet the Host: #5MinuteFiction Blog Tour Week 4

  1. Jaimie says:

    Three things.

    1. Checking out Frey’s book now.
    2. I cannot WAIT to see your book cover, Leah.
    3. You know you are an artist? I was looking at your Suicide Notes project. Yeah. You are an artist. You just DO stuff, less emulation, less self-awareness.

  2. You’re good (or alternately, bad, depending on your POV) for my ego, Jaimie. 🙂

    Thank you!

    And I’ve started JM’s book and it’s AWESOME. You’re going to love it.

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