#5MinuteFiction Week 40 WINNER!

Well, he done it again, folks. I knew I should have picked someone else as a finalist. I mean, really? Petersens as cannibals? The very idea.

As ludicrous as it is, apparently, everyone else found it entertaining. And therefore,RB Wood , @rbwood is this week’s winner. Congratulations!

Here’s his winning entry. Enjoy. Don’t forget, next week, when you come back to beat the pants off him, 5MinuteFiction will be over at Builder of Worlds as Claire LeGrand host the excitement that is 5MinuteFiction. Be there!

Look, I know you’ll think I’m crazy when I tell you this but my neighbors, the Petersen’s, are cannibals.

There. I said it.

We’ve gone through twelve mailmen since I moved here a year ago. Twelve. This is not a normal turnover rate.

Then there were the guys working on the Petersen’s house. Started out with ten workmen. Then it was five. One day, I heard a loud crash, a scream and then silence. The next day Mr. Petersen was finishing the work himself.

Still think I’m nuts?

The old lady, Mrs. Tyson, who lived on the other side of the Petersen’s disappeared one day. How many eighty-something-year-olds just disappear?

The cops looked for weeks and never found the old bat. Now her house is for sale.

When my mom was sick last week, the Petersen’s stopped by to wish her well. They brought meatloaf.

Mom, dad and my stupid sister loved it. I almost gagged and had to leave the room.

Now I’m told that I’ll be cutting the Petersen’s lawn this summer for ‘college money.’ I’m leaving this note on my Facebook page in case you never hear from me again.

And Mr. and Mrs. Petersen? If you’re reading this, I hear sixteen-year-old boys are tough and chewy. My sister, however, eats nothing but ice cream all day and I’ll bet she’d go nice with a crisp white wine.

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5 Responses to #5MinuteFiction Week 40 WINNER!

  1. Jason Wallis says:

    Congratulations RB Wood!! Great story. Thanks again Leah for hosting this great contest. I haven’t been able to submit for a few weeks. It was fun to jump back in.

  2. You know, Leahh, you really cooked your own human there. GOOSE! I meant goose. Cooked your own goose. 😉

  3. Love it! What a cheeky ending.

  4. Thanks for dropping by the blog! Thanks for commenting! I accidentally hit the wrong button and it deleted your comment 🙁 But don’t be offended, it was completely unintentional! 🙂 It is very nice to meet others participating in five minute fiction!

  5. No worries, I won’t be offended. 🙂 See you on the 15th!

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