Our first Five Minute Fiction winner!

Conal Twomey!

On to fame and fortune and great glory. Or, something.

Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who voted. We’re doing this again next Tuesday at 1:30 pm EST or whatever that is where you are.

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Reposted below is his entry. Congratulations!

There once was a boy named Beans. He was short with an oval shaped face and was blessed with a beautiful smile. He was a quiet young fellow and often played alone in the playground at school. The other kids thought he was a bit strange but one kid nicknamed Toast (on account of her Golden Brown Hair), knew that Beans was the most special boy in the whole school! You see one day when Toast was on the way home from the beach and feeling a bit burnt from the sun, Beans came along and rubbed magic butter on Toast’s sore neck. Toast was instantly refreshed and asked Beans if he was a magic boy. Beans smiled his huge welcoming smile and responded, “I am not a magician but I was brought up in a CAN for most of my life, so I believe I CAN do anything!” Toast was hugely impressed and loved Beans forever more. As for the other kids, Toast knew it was only a matter of time before they came to love Beans as well. After all, Beans CAN do anything he wants!