It happens. (Just don’t tell my husband I said that.)

I resisted tweeting, I really did. I have this odd reluctance to put myself out there which, once it’s conquered, becomes a gush of over-sharing. Seemed safe to avoid Twitter.

Well…. Enter @LeahPetersen

Yes, yes, I did it. It’s not what I thought. What I’ve discovered is that it’s a great resource. I’ve learned so much about the writing industry, and from other writers. I’ve been inspired. I’ve been networked. :s
And I get to indulge in the guilty pleasure of checking in on the occasional celebrity without the humiliation of being caught looking at the tabloids at the grocery store.

The inspiration for this post is one @cathleenhost who, when I asked, gave me a writing prompt that’s rapidly growing into something interesting in my head.

Thanks, Cathleen!

And, Twitter, sorry I ever doubted you, man.