So, prompted by many debates on various internet boards, my own experiences, and the comments of others, particularly on my recent #fridayflash, Twenty-Six Funerals, I have decided to take on the topic of suicide.

I’ve been on both sides. I’ve lost someone very dear to me that way, and I’ve looked it in the face myself. It’s an ugly, horrible, scary place to be. And it’s almost impossible to understand if you haven’t been there. So people hurt. And people get angry. And they get judgmental. And people don’t get the help they need. And people make attempts and… Anyway, it’s hard even for me to articulate in cold, clinical terms this particular issue. So naturally I’ll retreat behind a fog of fiction. 😉

Therefore, I’ve taken on a new project. A collection of flash fiction pieces called Suicide Notes.

At present, I see Twenty-Six Funerals as a prologue to twenty-six first person accounts that address the issue. My next #fridayflash and #teasertuesday will be one of the pieces I’ve already written. If you have thoughts on this project or ideas for how it can be used for prevention advocacy, or to promote understanding or awareness, please comment or email me.

Be well.