I wrote this for my son’s fourth grade class.

It is well known, throughout all of the elementary schools, that there is no greater group, no grander gathering of germinating potential for glory, than the fourth graders of Mrs. Hewett’s class.

One sultry September in a school by the sea, one class of these clever, cunning children crafted a conquest, the tale of which teases my tongue and titillates terrific tittering wherever it is told.

A great evil eclipsed the earnest, eager students in the form of a burgeoning black-hole breakfasting on their books! Their humble yet hardy teacher, Mrs. Hewett, fought heroically to protect their hoard of handsome holders of knowledge, magic, and time itself. But, alas, she was dealt a devastating defeat and the dear books disappeared.

So she dispatched the daring darlings to discover the books, now scattered across the land.

Hanna and Haden had a harrowing hit from the fearsome beast guarding great heaps of books, but the valiant victors vanquished him

Kameron kicked the… kelp of the great sea monster defending the domain of a dastardly devil who had found the first several books and was frantic to keep them. While Julia juggled jellyfish and jousting swordfish, Kameron crushed him.

Bren battled bears and brawny beasts bent on borrowing barrels of the precious books. Ryan revealed their real plan to requisition and retain the riches. Rejecting their ransom demands, Ryan, with the help of the pernicious Powell Palmer pounded the plotting predators.

Dylan dodged danger and demonstrated dramatic acts of deliverance so that Lauren and Logan might linger in the lee of the lodge of a lion who was lapping lazily at the luscious words. Their loud and loquacious distractions assisted and abetted Alex in absconding with the adored assortment of knowledge and amusement.

William Walker walked willingly into winter’s white waves of withering cold so that Christina might cozen and confuse a capricious captor of their coveted compilation in the form of a wyvern the children whittled into whimpering waste.

Madison and Molysha metted out massive measures of mighty retribution on the mangy monster who guarded most of the materials. Noah did not niggle over their normally nascent ability to negate the nastiness of the noisome, noxious nether-beast and nattered noisy praise when they caught it.

The sapped but successful students stumbled Southward in their sojourn to the simple, soothing seriousness of study and stimulation with their hard-won hardbacks. Mrs. Hewett was heartily happy at their hale and healthy condition and pleased that they were in possession of the precious property.

With exclamations of delight, she decided to deem them diligent disciples of laudable learning, and gave them A’s for the rest of the year.

Aren’t words wonderful?