Oh, aren’t I late posting this tonight? Sorry, real life happened to me tonight. Hate it when that happens.

But this one sure wasn’t one you could predict anytime before the very last second. Awesome. It was so close, back and forth between R.C. Murphy, @RCMurphy and Tony Noland, @TonyNoland and I love watching the contests like this. Well, I gotta say, I would have voted for either one of them. Fantastic writing.

But at the end of it all, the people have spoken. And this week’s winner is Tony Noland, @TonyNoland. Congratulations, sir, and welcome to our little party. Didn’t you start off with a bang?

Here’s his excellent entry. See you next week!

The wind blew her hair forward into her face again. She let it come, the strands massing and waving over her, obscuring her vision, tickling her nose, catching on the flakes of skin on her chapped lips.

In a moment, it would reverse and she would be able to see again. See the old pickup truck back away from the wreckage, see the broken glass fly upwards and weld itself into a smooth, unbroken sheet. The man’s face would retreat backward, his blood rushing back into his scalp as he flowed back into his seat.

In the other car, the newer one, the smoke would hiss back into the window, and the airbag would contract, revealing the shocked face of the girl looking back down at her cell phone.

The accident would undo itself and the sun would shine on, until time reversed itself again, and she would be forced to watch again, until the wind covered her face again.