This one was one to watch. It wasn’t just a contest between two, but three ran neck and neck for a time. Fantastic.

So did your favorite win?

Well someone won, and it was T.L Tyson, @TL_Tyson. In the end she built up a commanding lead and was once again champion. Well done! Whether you voted for her or not, you gotta admit that’s a fine piece of writing there.

Here’s the winning entry again. Enjoy and y’all come back now, y’hear?

They say bitterness is like a poison, filtering through your veins, crippling you emotionally. They say it shuts you down, rendering your heart useless. My mother told me to release my anger, to let it out. She said if I held it inside, bottling it up, that one day it would get the best of me, and, like a snake coiling around my legs, it would squeeze the life from me.

When I was four, I went in search of good, but only found the pornography my father kept under his bed.

The poison of jadedness staunches the flow of happiness. Cynics the world over know exactly what I’m talking about. And the defeatists hold their noses in the air and say, “I’m a realist.” The misanthropes move past, harbouring their disdain for human kind, and snuffing out the good intentions they once possessed.

And last week I realized, there is nothing humane about humans.

They say resentment will freeze your growth. That it’s like cyanide shutting down your vital organs, slaughtering your reasons for living. And the animosity blooms in your chest like the blood red flower of hate, consuming everything you thought you were, until when you look in the mirror you don’t recognize the reflection fazing back at you. I cannot confirm whether this is fact or fiction.

The facts are far bleaker than the fiction anyhow.

What I can confirm is the pain shredding my dignity into tiny pieces. Doubled over on the bathroom floor, I shove my fingers down my throat, trying to discharge the tiny pellets from my stomach. I said I wouldn’t cry. I promised the person I used to be that no matter how hard it is to breathe I wouldn’t beg the Grim not to take me.

This morning when I awoke, I realized I’ve always been sad.

Do you know how rat poison works? It’s a blood thinner. It thins the blood and they bleed to death. It works the same for humans, you just need a bigger dosage.

I thought…

I don’t know what I thought. But as the pain ebbs and a numbing void takes it place, I feel…