Well she’s flirted with it before. Come close. Teased us. Tantalized us. Well, this week, she did us.. Ahem. Did it with us… To us?

Oh hell. R.C. Murphy, @RCMurphy won this week. Did you see? I hope so because her entries are always fabulous and so entertaining. WOOT! WOOT! and you go girl!

Here it is, her fabulous winning entry. Enjoy.

“Shit.” Alex peered over the stack of political fliers cluttering her desk at the man sitting across the room. “I forgot it’s election day.”

Titivillus tilted his head, black eyes narrowed as he tried to understand what she’d said. “I give. What the hell is Election Day? Does it involve cake?”

Stifling a laugh, Alex grabbed her sample ballot and waved it at the demon. “Our country relies on the citizens to vote in order to make big decisions.”

From the couch came a barking laugh that quickly turned into hysterical laughter. Alex raised an eyebrow. In the weeks that he’d been camped out in her house waiting to screw up her manuscript, Titivillus had never laughed like that before. The idea of democracy must be amusing somehow.

When he finally calmed down, she spoke again. “Are you done? I need to run down to the church and vote.”

“You know what happens if the citizens of Hell try to tell Luci what to do?” Titivillus asked as he hoisted his large human shell off the couch.

Alex’s stomach flipped. Titivillus skinned a demon that owed him money. He said Lucifer was a hundred times worse. “No, I don’t need to know.”

“Yeah, you’d probably toss your cookies. It’s not pretty.”

“I’d like to keep breakfast down, yes.” She grabbed her coat. “Come on. And try not to climb any walls this time, please.”