Is this who you voted for? Is it? Well, whether you did or not, this week Neil Shurley, @ThatNeilGuy came out on top, and a well deserved victory it was. I’m constantly amazed at the level of talent in this group and this is a prime example of it.

Congratulations Neil Shurley, @ThatNeilGuy and make sure you’re here next week to defend your title.

Here’s the winning entry, folks. Enjoy:

I slipped the knife into the bowl. Thick. Yellow. Strange strands of liquid pooled at one edge. A smell. Not vanilla, exactly, but not banana, either. Something in between. Honey?

I pushed the knife through, extracted a thick blob of the stuff, brought it to my nose. Sweet, but indistinct. I flicked out my tongue. Again, sweet. But nothing I could positively identify.

I licked the knife clean.


No reaction.

I covered the knife again, then presented it to her.

She didn’t exactly smile, but I could tell she was pleased. She wiped the knife with her finger, raised it, letting the dripping custard fall into her mouth before licking her finger clean.

I let the knife clatter to the floor.

Using our fingers, we devoured the rest of the bowl, Then we devoured each other.

Content, I asked her a question. “And now I’ll own her soul? She’ll be mine forever?”

She chuckled. “Sorry. I may have altered the recipe a bit.”

And I could feel, somehow, my soul being ripped from within myself. It hurt, at first. But not now. Not now.

I just sit here, in my chair, awaiting her next utterance.