I just realized the other day how close to 100 followers we are. Wow! Whoda thunk?

I think the best part of having 88 followers is how many #5MinuteFictioners it brings around every Tuesday.

So let’s get some more. What do you say?

Generally that means a contest. Now, we’re all bookish and writerly people around here, so the expected prize would be a book. But who wants to do what’s expected? We want to have something original, right?

This will definitely be original. One of a kind, in fact. Because the winner of this contest will receive a hand knit accessory of their choice. That’s right, knit by me. Probably while I’m holding a book open with my foot, reading and knitting at the same time. (I got skillz.)

The winner will get to name the item (scarf, gloves, handwarmers, hat, socks, beer cozy) and color and I’ll produce the requested prize. Sound good?

photo by user phidauex on Flickr

Oh, and a book too. ‘Cause, I know you really want one. But I get to pick. :p

I just finished Brent WeeksThe Black Prism and loved it. So if you prefer fantasy, that’s the prize. If you’re more a sci-fi fan, how about Across the Universe by Beth Revis?

Now. How to win. Well, let’s see. Just earn as many entries as possible and pray to the random number generator gods. Here’s how to earn:

  • Follow this blog: 3 point
  • Current blog follower: 1 point
  • Follow me on Twitter: 2 points
  • Current Twitter Follower: 1 points
  • Refer a new follower: 3 points
  • Tweet about the contest: 1 point per day (must use @leahpetersen or I won’t see/count it)
  • Blog about the contest: 5 points (please provide url)
  • NEW! Become a fan of my new Facebook page for 5 entries.

Post your total number of entries below. I’ll add additional tweets as they come through my stream.

Contest will close Feb 27th (’cause that’s my birthday.) Here’s the cool part, if on that date I have:

  • 100 followers: one grand prize winner DONE!
  • 125 followers: one grand prize winner and one runner up to receive a knitted item
  • 150 followers: one grand prize, one first place, and one second place, to receive a $5 Amazon gift card.

Sound like a plan? Then let’s do this thing!