Sooooo… I’ve never been all that happy with the title of Mourn the Sun. Before I started querying, I reluctantly changed it from one I felt really good about, because my husband pointed out that there had been, not one, but two books with that title published in the past (both out of print and nothing like my story, but still.)

So I sighed and left my beloved title behind and wracked my brains for something fitting. I finally came up with Mourn the Sun.

It has its plusses. It’s unique. It fits the story.

But it just didn’t deliver what I wanted out of a title. It focused too much on only one aspect of Jacob’s journey–albeit the most central one. I felt like it gave something away (though you’d have to be fairly well into the story to guess what it was giving away.) I wanted something that better conveyed the magnitude of Jacob’s struggles, plus I wanted it to have a more directly physics-specific scientific allusion, seeing as Jacob’s a physicist and how important that is in his life.

Well I’ve recently been informed that there’s no reason not to re-use a title so long as there’s no chance of confusing my book with the same-titled on from the past.

So I’m ALL OVER bringing back the title I’ve always felt was a perfect fit. And that title is:


What do you think?