This is a re-run of the original post:

Thanks to Richard B. Wood for stopping by with today’s guest post to tell us more about The Word Count podcast!

Richard B. Wood

The Word Count quite simply is a podcast for writers.

I started the ‘cast to provide information to ‘newbies’ like I was at the time.  I did interviews with other writers, editors—people in ‘the biz.’

But it became a whole lot more.

The Halloween cast was a different type of show.  As it’s a favorite holiday of mine, I wanted to hear other writer’s take on spooky stories.  And I wrote a little short prequel to my series The Arcana Chronicles in celebration.  The response was enormous…overwhelming, really.  I asked for submissions for other writer via twitter.

I received over an hour’s worth of spooky short stories…even a song.

A new type of podcast (for me) was born.

I’ve produced a total of eight shows since the premiere back in September of 2010.  And each show has been more fun than the last.

Imagine…writers who I’ve ‘met’ via social media….sending me stories.  For MY podcast.

“Flattering” is an understatement.

But of course the show isn’t just for me.  It’s for as many people who want to hear great original stories.  It’s for all of us.

I’ve now started selecting themes for shows….the last show’s theme was “the unexpected.”

The next show…well, the theme is going to be decided by YOU.

By commenting on this blog post below, I’ll take FIVE suggestions and put them to a vote back on my site (

The show is free and can be found on iTunes HERE or via a direct feed HERE.

Give it a listen.  And if you’re up for it, why don’t you send a submission for the next show?  The prompt and submission guidelines will be posted soon enough.

So what do you think, folks? What should the theme of the next Word Count podcast be?