We’re halfway through the contest and have not only met our first goal, we’re nearly halfway to the next. YAY! Thanks everyone who has participated and welcome to all the new followers! Did you try out 5MinuteFiction last week? Or watch and plot for next week? I hope we see you there soon.

In the meantime, in preparation for a big authorly announcement coming soon, I’ve gone an created a Facebook page. I know. I needed something else to do with my time, clearly.

So how does this tie into the contest? Well, you can get five extra entries, right now, with just one click on the image below. That’s right, just like my page and you’re that much closer to the hand-knitted item of your choice and a great book. Don’t forget, if we make it to 125 blog followers, that’s just 15 away from where we are now, a second winner will receive the hand-knitted item of their choice. Pretty cool, huh?”

Check the official contest thread for more ways to win.

In the meantime, what are you waiting for?

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