It was close there for a while, but in the end this week’s was a landslide victory for Jarret Rush, @JarrettRush. New ’round these parts, Jarret’s gotten off to a great start. Come back next week and see who’s next!

Here’s his winning entry:

“Want to know what’s good?” Jill asked, sliding closer to me.

I sat my drink on the bar, paused for a beat, and said, “What?”

“More.” She turned to face me.

I faked a laugh and looked her in the eye. “You’re never satisfied are you?”

“Why be satisfied?” She waved two fingers and called over the guy behind the bar. She needed a refill.

“Because this is stupid.” I was watching the door in the reflection from the mirror behind the bar. I was expecting muscled-up company. We were sloppy. Working too fast. Doing this too often. Leaving too much behind. Creating a trail. The bell above the door rang as a pair of college girls giggled their way through.

She took a sip of her new drink and started talking again. “It’s not stupid. It’s profitable.” She tapped the front of my jacket and I felt the jewels in the inside pocket shift.

“Careful,” I said.

“Awww, you and careful.” She dropped from her stool and turned to face the door. “You need to loosen up, Thomas. You’ll have much more fun.”

“I’m not in this for fun. This is a job.”

“Not a legitimate one,” she said.

“Not in traditional terms,” I said. “But it’s not a game either.”

I kept and eye on the mirror and the front. Waiting. She was having fun and we were getting sloppy. It wouldn’t be long before the bell rang for us.