We have a WINNER(s)!

That’s right, after a night of feverish voting, AmyBeth Inverness, @USNessie came out on top. Congrats!!!  Winers mean PRIZES, right?

Congrats to everyone!

Whether you won or not, I hope you had fun, and that you’ll be back next week. In the meantime, here’s AmyBeth Inverness, @USNessie‘s winning entry. Enjoy.

Another year of that and she was sure she’d go mad.

Just like her predecessor. And the guys in the mail room. And that woman who used to hang out in the lobby, then one day took a swan dive off the highest level of the balcony, making a huge splash in the atrium’s Koi pond.

The madness had taken her predecessor slowly. It had started with the giggles one day. They it turned into Tourette’s-like outbursts of laughter. Then the day came that she literally could not stop laughing, and the friendly men in white coats came to take her away.
She thought about the guys in the mail room, how they’d all stripped naked one day and started wrapped all packages with photocopied pictures of their own… er… packages.

That was an accident.

She hadn’t meant to hurt them, but it was funny!

The lady in the atrium? She was practice.

And her predecessor? Well, that was her goal all along.

And now that she had the job she wanted, she could stop.

Because one more year of making others go crazy, and she’d probably go crazy herself.