That’s right, baby! Next week, Tuesday May 24th, we’ll have week fifty two of 5MinuteFiction. We’re a year old, kids! Have you enjoyed it?

Let me tell you, we’ve been having fun for a year now, and we’re gonna keep doing it. WOOHOOO!

So, when you hit one year, naturally, there must be a party. Well, we’ll have one.

I’ve arranged for a special judge for our one year anniversary, Roni Loren, @RoniLoren the host of my absolute favorite writer blog, *Fiction Groupie* and author of CRASH INTO YOU, which will be published by Berkley Heat in January 2012, and she’s promised some special prizes. Not just for the winner. Nope. 

See, for our big Year Old party, there will not only be a prize for the winner, but a second prize will be given to one finalist, chosen at random, and a  third prize for one participant from ALL entries that week. You don’t even have to be a finalist to win a great prize.

What are the prizes? Well, I’m not going to tell you, silly. That’s a surprise for Tuesday.


Speaking of which, how long have you been here? From the beginning? Months? Weeks? Just found us today?