Clearly we like the creepy. 😉

It was really no contest this week.Tracey M. Hansen, @thansenwrites took off with a resounding lead early on and just kept running away with this one. It was a really cool entry, though. Don’t you think?

So congrats to Tracey M. Hansen, @thansenwrites!

Here’s her winning entry. Enjoy, and come back next week!

He’s everything I’ve always wanted in a man. I visit him every morning. I bring him breakfast and coffee.

I make sure that he gets plenty of rest and I read to him almost every night.

Sure we have only known eachother for a few weeks but the connection was instant. I couldn’t live without him and he wouldn’t live without me.

I make sure that he has a great view of the garden. I tell him that one day he can live in the house with me when he learns how to behave. He nods and smiles.

He is so happy that sometimes, tears roll down his cheeks.

When I remove his gag he tells me he would like to walk in the garden with me. I am so happy he is finally coming around. His voice shakes with joy. But, I remind him walking in the garden would involve removing his restraints, and that is simply something I am not willing to do just yet.

No, until a time comes when he can behave himself and be the man I want him to be, without attempting to leave, he is going to have to deal with living in the tool shed…but as I always tell him, it has a beautiful view of the garden.