Week 51, isn’t that cool? We’re ONE YEAR OLD next week. We’re partying, make no mistake.

This week we had some really great entries but, of course, there can be only one. The winner this week is Pat Jones, @cedarlock!

Did you like that one? Great entry, Pat! (Was I the only one who thought he was going to do something else with that drill?) Thanks for joining us, and make sure you, and everyone else, come back next week for the big PARTY!

Here’s his winning entry:

I’ve never seen it so dark. The peals of thunder had ceased a few minutes ago and I was left alone in the darkness, or so I thought. All around me I felt the weight of the world pressing in and it helped to magnify the thunder of my own heartbeat in my ears. I reached out with my right hand, scratching away at the cold stone underneath me, grasping for whatever was in finger’s reach. Finding nothing, I stretched my left arm, still free and with more room around it than my right and felt.. something. There was a handle and a cord attached to it. Jake Preston’s drill. He’d been beside me minutes ago, and now, as I lay here in the darkness with sixteen thousand tons of anthracite bearing down above me like God’s own black anvil… I held onto that vestige of the world we’d come from like it was my grandma’s own Bible. It’s tough down here, a dangerous life, I’m told. I never gave it much thought til the lightning sparked, the roof overhead screamed out at us all, and came down. Buried alive are the two worst words I could imagine.