This is horrid and what you’ve done here is stupid.

Or something like that. Otherwise known as getting revisions back from your editor.

I love getting stuff from my editor. Really, I do. I can weather the crushing depression and the ego-killing “ummmm, duh” things she points out in the margins, because, really, what she’s saying is: I know you can do better, and your book is worth the effort. (OK, and maybe I’ve taken dramatic license with her very professional and diplomatic comments…)

When I accept a pageful of her changes, just the shuffling around of my own words, replacing a “that” with a “which” or such seemingly (oh, and culling my adverbs) minor things, the end result is SO MUCH BETTER.

And let me tell you, I live for the occasional comment bubble that highlights a sentence or phrase I’ve written and simply says “yes.”

I swear, the experience of having a good editor is nearly worth, in itself, all the effort of writing.

Oh, my editor takes freelance jobs too, in case you want in on the nirvana: Gabrielle Edits