Your Stupid

I finally broke down and bought the shirt I’ve been wanting for years.

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I’ve refrained for so long because

a) I’m cheap and the shirt isn’t

b) I’m a mother and, apparently, am supposed to be setting a good example.

Now, personally, I think it’s setting a good example to teach your children WHY this is a funny joke and not the grown-up equivalent of “stupidhead!” Anyway, my ten year old gets the joke now but still thinks it’s rude.

Well, can’t win them all. I just won’t wear it when he’s with me. 🙂

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5 Responses to Your Stupid

  1. Heh – I have one somewhere that says ‘You are dumb’ in binary.
    Geeky Traveler recently posted..Strange things before the sun comes upMy Profile

  2. I have on that says “Bad grammar makes me [sic]” that I have worn out. 🙂 I like your taste in shirts. 🙂
    Corinne OFlynn recently posted..Derailed- A Thursday HaikuMy Profile

  3. LMAO! I love those! I’ve been tempted by the one that says “May the mass times acceleration be with you” and “I grok Spock.”

  4. I wore the shirt yesterday. So much fun.

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