And we have a winner folks!

This one sure wasn’t hard to call,Tracey M. Hansen, @thansenwrites took a commanding lead from the beginning. It’s great to see someone say so much with so little.

Here’s her winning entry to enjoy again. But stay through to the end for a special announcement!

Ice. It’s all I could think of. His face was the color of ice. Then I realized that his fingertips were black. Stupid funeral home, couldn’t even get that right. He is gone from this world and all I have left is an off colored black fingernailed corpse who looks nothing like my Adam did in life.


Now, if you like 5MinuteFiction, you’ll love this. Our guest judge, dk Levick, @dk_levick, is making a stop here Thursday on a Novel Publicity blog tour for his recently released, Bridges.

You’ll want to be here because, in addition to some fun getting-to-know the author, he’s agreed to judge a SPECIAL EVENING EDITION of 5MinuteFiction.

That’s right. For everyone who could never participate because of the time, this is your opportunity. Thursday at 6:00 pm EDT, we’re doing 5MinuteFiction. Be here!