Forgive the tardiness of the post. I had an adventure on my way to work this morning. By way of a flat tire. I’ll tell you what, though. From now on, I’m going to get all my flat tires on one of the main roads in a small town. It was like a party there, all the people who stopped by to see if they could help.

Anyway, enough of that. This is about 5MinuteFiction and about our WINNER!

This week’s winner is: Nicole, @nicolewolverton. I always love Nicole’s entries. Her descriptions are so vivid. I love the way she used the prompt word, acute, to paint such a compelling picture of the character.

Congrats, Nicole!

Don’t forget, this week’s guest judge, Lauren “Scribe” Harris, @marksmaster, offered a slot in a future episode of the Pendragon Variety podcast to the winner! Let us know when that comes out, Nicole!

Here’s Nicole’s winning entry. Enjoy!

Divine Loomis stared at me, her eyes as sharp as the angles of her face. That chin could slice a finger clear off, not that I intended to touch that pale, frozen-looking skin.

“Get out of my way.” Her voice sent shivers of ice down my spine.

She tucked the sides of her stick-straight hair behind elfin ears. Even the hair was severe, the ends cut bluntly and the bangs tapering into the strangest acute angle that pointed right toward the knife edge of her nose.

I almost moved, but I was all that stood between Divine and the tiny door in the wall behind me. If I let her go, she’d get away. And if she got away, she might destroy the universe. She pretended to be a normal person, but with the shards of iron in her eyes like that, she could only be . . . other. Something else. Something evil.


“Get out of my way!” she repeated, more forceful this time. I shivered and squared my shoulders. My feet planted themselves into the worn carpet on the floor, daring her to try it. I would guard the door with my life.

Her thin, brittle lips twisted into a sneer, and her fists clenched at her sides. She hypnotized me with her rage.

The edge of a door slamming into my back knocked me out of my daze. I staggered sideways, keeping my eyes trained on Divine.

“What are you doing, Pete?” Mrs. Benscoter stood beside me, her hands on her hips and her brows drawn together.

Divine snarled. “I’m trying to get into the bathroom before I piss my pants.”