At least that’s the default answer when my kids ask me “why?”

So, yeah, that really doesn’t have anything to do with this post. This is a plug for a book. Yep. When the Hero Comes Home. But it’s not just because it’s co-edited by my fantabulous, editor Gabrielle Harbowy at Dragon Moon Press. Or that it includes a story both from her and an author I’m very proud to know and promote regularly JM Frey, author of Triptych. Plus stories from authors I’d like to know, like Todd McCaffrey and Phil Rossi. I’m also plugging it because it’s good.

Really good. This isn’t a real review, not yet. That’s only because I haven’t finished it yet. But last night I read Gabrielle Harbowy‘s and JM Frey‘s. Gabrielle’s was a fascinating story painted in such evocative language.  JM’s had me dying laughing. So incredibly smart and funny. I can’t wait to get home and read some more.

You should check it out. Really. I’ll wait.

When the Hero Comes Home


You’re welcome. Enjoy it.