Wonder if Tom was at work when he wrote this week’s winning piece? 😉

I really enjoyed that entry. How about you? So congratulations, Tom Doolan, for winning this week’s 5MinuteFiction!

Thanks again to our guest judge, Glenn Rogers, @glennrogers42, for picking this week’s finalists. Now, This was short and sweet because I’m trying to wrap everything up to fly up north tomorrow for Readercon!

So here you go, Tom Doolan‘s winning entry.See you next week!

What the hell is that? Carla thought as she passed by David’s cubicle. On his screen was an image that she could have sworn watching her as she passed. Stopping, she peered around the edge of his cubicle wall for another look.

On the screen was a face. At least, it must be a face. She could see two eyes, something resembling a nose, and a hidsous facsimile of a mouth. The mouth was moving, as if the face were speaking.

He must be watching a video. She mused. Though I thought they blocked streaming media here. As she watched the mouth move, she became aware of the voice. However, it seemed disjointed, as if the video and audio tracks were not properly synced.

That’s when she felt it. the presence in her mind. Something was pulling at her subconcious, enticing her to give in to feelings. Feelings that she didn’t actually feel…that is, until the voice she heard spoke of them. fellings of murder and rage. Without even thinking about, her anger over her boyfriend’s infidelity crept unbidden to the fore of her mind.

She stepped fully into the cubicle and stood beside David, her eyes transfixed by the image on the screen. The eyes of the face turned to her, and the mouth smiled as it spoke.

Yes, she would give in to that passion. She would make him pay for cheating on her. She grabbed for the letter-opener on the desk, but her move was thwarted by David’s own hand. Their eyes met.

“You son of a bitch.” She murmured. “You’re going to pay for cheating on me.”

His eyes widened, but not in shock. Rage filled his own vision as he spoke.

“Not before you do…”