I have to admit I really like this week’s winning entry from AmyBeth Inverness, @US_Nessie. I think we’ve all been there, haven’t we, either as a 5MinuteFiction participant or as a parent. That’s how it goes, right? Great entry, AmyBeth, I’m glad you found us.

Here’s her winning entry–and a jar of peanut butter–to enjoy until next week, on Tuesday at 1:30 EDT, when we do it all over again. Be here!

Ben stared at the screen, horrified.

He had less than 2 minutes till #5MinuteFiction was supposed to start. He had spent the last hour getting his two year old to take a nap; perfect timing for being able to concentrate on a little flash fiction fun.

After a quick trip to the bathroom and fresh can of Pepsi from the fridge, he returned to his writer’s nest to find that his little angel was not as asleep as he’d thought.

“Look Daddy! I write too!” she announced, proudly showcasing his laptop, which was covered in peanut-butter-and-jelly smears.

Swearing under his breath and placing his precious child into the playpen, Ben carefully cleaned off his monitor. He was a whole minute late, forever in flash fiction terms.

Just as the last bits of sugary fruit were coaxed from between the L & K keys, the screen went black.

“What the….” he stopped himself before uttering something he wanted his daughter to emulate.

The cord was unplugged. Of course. At exactly that moment, the battery had given out.

He plugged it in. Almost 5 minutes late, but with the 10 minute “cushion” he might still have a chance.

Leah had posted the link in twitter, and he clicked. And waited. And reloaded.


Back to twitter “Oh No! Database error!”

Well, that could be a good thing, he was late anyway…

Finally, it worked.

The prompt?

A picture of a jar of peanut butter.

And he knew exactly what he would do.