We had her on Write Me! last week with a great guest post. Now here’s a review of Terri Giuliano Long‘s, @tglongs debut novel.

In Leah's WakeIn Leah’s Wake by Terri Giuliano Long

In Leah’s Wake is a timeless look at teenagers, families, marriages, and what happens when you put them all together in a cage and let them have at each other. (OK, maybe not exactly that…)

Now I’ve never known of a Leah who was a know-it-all, rebellious teen, but I suppose it could happen. (*ahem*) But where this book really hits home is the truth in it. It takes the timeless story of growing up and loving and being loved, and it looks at it from four different angles: Will, the father and breadwinner; Zoe, the mother and wife; Leah, the rebellious teen; and Justine, the younger sister.

The story takes you through not just the things that happen to all of them during Leah’s unexpected and dramatic rebellion, but also looks at what brought each one of them to that point, the baggage they’re bringing with them, and how all of this makes up the unique drama that is this family’s struggles, tragedy, and triumph.

Terri Giuliano Long’s debut in In Leah’s Wake is a story of love and loss, and of what endures.

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