#5MinuteFiction is Going on Tour Tomorrow! Meet the Host!

I’m so very pleased to introduce my friend Moses Siregar III, @MosesSiregar and not just because he’s a nice guy. Moses is one of the very first writer-people I met when I was trying to feel out this whole being-a-writer thing. He and I traded some early crits on his The Black God’s War and my Fighting Gravity. I still remember some of the specific points he made and what an impact that had on the early part of my story. (Plus, I just really like that girl he’s got on the cover. She’s purty.)

Well now, The Black God’s War is out! That’s right, it’s not only been released, but it’s at a special release-month price of $2.99.

Now one thing you gotta know about Moses is that he’s going indie, like a lot of writers these days. But Moses is a mover and a shaker. He’s not content to write his book, get it out there, and market it like everyone else. He has to do some pretty amazing stuff along the way like interviewing:

Audio: Patrick RothfussGuy Gavriel Kay, Brandon Sanderson/Dan Wells/Howard Tayler (Writing Excuses)Tracy Hickman, Sherrilyn KenyonMichael A. Stackpole, David Farland/Dave Wolverton, Kristine Kathryn RuschLaura Resnick, Michael J Sullivan, Robin SullivanDaryl GregoryElizabeth C. Bunce.

Text: Daryl Gregory and Michael J Sullivan

Video: See the YouTube Channel for interviews with Brandon Sanderson, Eric Flint, and David Farland/David Wolverton.

Do you see those names??? If even one or two of those guys were aware I existed I’d be over the moon. So, yeah, I’m pretty excited about Moses’s book being out and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Now, the point of this gush-fest is to introduce you to the man who has so graciously agreed to host 5MinuteFiction tomorrow on his blog, A Passion for the Writing Life.

(The funny, stupid-Leah story behind that is that I realized, just a few days ago, that I’d have to reschedule the guest judge I’d booked for 5MinuteFiction on the 23rd because I was going to be on a fricking airplane that day. A fact I had been aware of for weeks. Yeah, so anyway. Moses agreed to come through in a pinch for me. He’s just a nice guy like that.)

So don’t miss it! 5MinuteFiction tomorrow on future-best-seller Moses Siregar III’s blog!

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