I had to laugh at this one, didn’t you? What a great winning entry this week from Tracey Hansen, @THansenWrite. Not that we expect any less, she’s won this thing before. But I loved the tension, the nervous anticipation, and then…

Well, if you want to know what happened then, you have to read it. In fact, here it is. Tracey Hansen, @THansenWrites‘ winning entry for the week. And don’t forget, thanks to this week’s judge, Pavarti K Tyler, @PavartiKTyler, Tracey gets her choice of a bound copy of Pavarti’s story, Fragrant Taste of Rain, an itunes gift card, or a collection of awesome Pavarti Swag! Check her blog for more details.

See you next week, everyone!

Sarah checked the clock above the front door. She paced around the living room. One more minute. He had one more minute. She started to chew at her fingernails. Her heart raced, she thought about what might happen if he was late, or didn’t show at all.

Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted when the doorbell rang. Her arm hair stood at attention. It couldn’t be him…

She slowly opened the door, it made a long loud creeking noise as she peered out into the night.

“I have your pizza ma’am, that will be $14.95.” The freckled faced teen said with a smile.

“God Damn it!” Sarah shouted “Thirty more seconds and this would have been free!”