Gotta love kids, heh? Well, at least, if they’re yours you gotta. Otherwise… 😉

Anyway, our WINNER today, Jen DeSantis, @JenD_Author, seems to know something about this subject. What a great flash piece. I was giggling at the end. I hope you enjoyed it to. Thanks again to our judge,  Dale Estey, @DaleEstey, for picking this week’s finalists and thanks to everyone who voted. And now, here’s Jen DeSantis, @JenD_Author‘s winning entry.

See you next week!

It was green and orange and the most frightening thing he’d ever seen. I could tell by the way his face contorted as though I’d set cow dung or poison in front of him.

“Mom!” The boy could stretch that one-syllable out until he ran out breath whining it. “You know I hate carrots.”

“Truly, Aaron, it isn’t as terrible as you might think. Just give it whirl.”

“I don’t want to give it a whirl. It’ll make me hurl.” He paused, his light brown eyes brightening. “Hey, mom! I rhymed.”

“You sure did. Now eat up and try not to hurl, okay? That’d make a huge mess.”

He gulped, audibly. I thought that was something only cartoon characters were capable of, but no; my son gulped loudly enough to startle the dog. He stared down the mishmash of carrots and peas, coated in a brown sugar reduction that I was certain my little man would enjoy . . . if he would just take a bite. His eyes darted warily between me and the plate, seemingly trying to decide how likely I’d be to slip something fatal in his dinner.

As the fork rose, my breath caught in my throat. I always felt this panic as he tried something new. Would tonight be the night that he would finally add something to his pitifully small list of approved foods or would it be another disaster?

He chewed, his look of horror turning to delight and I breathed a sigh of relief. But my relief was short lived as I heard his plate moving away from him.

“Aaron. Wha – I thought you liked it!”

“Tastes too good,” he said shaking his head. “Must be something funny in it . . . just can’t take the chance, mom.”