Oh, not off of this blog, not anytime soon. But what about the time?

When I started 5MinuteFiction sixty-nine weeks ago, 1:30 pm Eastern for the contest and 3:00 for posting the finalists worked really well with my schedule. Now? Not so much. The start time isn’t as big of an issue as the ending time. But I don’t really want to stretch the waiting for the finalists out longer than it is now. Sorta defeats the purpose, right? And I have to give the judge a reasonable amount of time to judge in.

When I chose 1:30, it was an attempt to hit a workable time for as many time zones as possible. How does that work out for you? Would an hour earlier still work for our West coast participants? I know we used to have several in England, though I haven’t seen many of them lately. Anyone over there with an opinion to throw into the mix?

What do you think about a move to a 12:30 pm Eastern start time for 5MinuteFiction?