Rule of Three Blog Fest!

Have you heard of The Rule of Three and their blogfest coming in October?

From their site:

The Rule of Three Fiction Writing Blog Challenge

Once upon a time, four  Writers Who Blog (WWB) got together to create a shared world, the Town of Renaissance, where they invite writers to come and take up residence and explore it’s environ and citizens. During the month of October 2011, one a week, a story will emerge, linking three characters into one final cumulative story.  It’s up to you, the writer, to choose the way they interact, or not, and how the final story in the fourth week ends is the journey’s end.  Damyanti Biswas, Lisa Vooght, and JC Martin and I are the WWB, and we welcome you to Renaissance. Enjoy your stay. Oh…one last thing…

Now I’ve been remiss in posting this because I thought it started in October, but now I see the first prompt is already up, so if you’re going to get in on this, GET OVER THERE!

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One Response to Rule of Three Blog Fest!

  1. Stuart Nager says:

    Hi Leah:
    yes, it does begin in October. October 3rd is the last day to sign up, and October 5th/6th are the first posting days (we made a 48 hour window for those who had busy Wednesdays).

    Just so your readers know, I’m the fourth co-host (that was my site re-posted) so that is why the others are listed. Stuart Nager of <a href=""Tale Spinning. I created Renaissance itself, so if anyone has any questions, just let me know.

    We have over 40+ writers as of 9/26, so we’re looking forward to all of this.

    Thanks, again, for posting this.

    Stuart Nager
    Tale Spinning

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