She’s done it again, folks. Last week and now again this week, our winner is Corinne O’Flynn, @CorinneOFlynn!

Kinda sad this one was. I got a little choked up, reading it. But a great job, as usual. Congrats Corinne!!

Here’s her entry for you to enjoy one more time. Be back next week to knock her off the winner’s pedestal. 😉 Don’t forget, 5MinuteFiction is now at 12:30 pm Eastern every Tuesday. See you then!

I sit and look up at the sky in the night and think about planets. I wonder if she is up there, on our home planet, doing the same thing and wondering if I survived the journey.

The away team planned for a crash. We brought supplies to sustain us for three years and seeds and air generators to build a greenhouse should a return journey be impossible. We have what we need to live out the rest of our lives here, especially after finding this planet so lush and vibrant.

The away team never anticipated the difference in magnetic fields being so vast as to disable our communications equipment. If only a bonfire would suffice, I’d build one so tall it would touch the clouds for you.

I wonder what they’re doing back home on Targlan. Their atmosphere is becoming choked and heated while we lie here enjoying pristine waters and air so clean you can taste it.

Is the New Targlan Search Expedition Council telling the world that we’re still on our way, that our signal is strong and we’re reposting good things? Propaganda. Can it be they have no idea we’ve landed?

I close my eyes and send my thoughts to you Alisnya and will you to hear me. I am here, my love. I have survived. I’ve found the perfect place for us to build a small cabin next to the most beautiful stream of clean drinkable water. And the lifeforms here, my world! If you could see it with your own eyes you’d still not believe it. I dream of you coming here. We’ll live off the land and do all the things our world never did to nurture the land as we do.

Until we meet eyes again, I love you.