For the second week in a row, our resident samurai-writer,  Sessha Batto, @SesshaBatto, has won the competition. And, really, how can she not? They’re samurai. Sexy samurai. 🙂

Congrats again, Sessha!

Here’s her story for you to enjoy. See you next week!

“Cursed sleeves.” Kenshin swore aloud as he tried, yet again, to fix the trailing ends of his formal kimono sleeves so they didn’t hinder his movement. Doing his duty was one thing, of course he would never ignore a summons from his daimyo. He just didn’t understand why all this frippery was necessary. He was supposed to be a samurai, a warrior, not some simpering woman, sweet smelling and layered in delicately embroidered silks. Despite the ornate kimono, his status was clear. Even dressed for court, his swords were in their usual spot, snugly nestled in the folds of his obi.

“Murakami-sama better appreciate this.” The low grumble went unnoticed by the hangers-on he passed in the corridor. They might be dressed alike, but it was very clear that these so-called advisers would not pose a challenge, should he find a reason to oppose them, so, for the most part, they faded to the side to allow him to pass.

“You summoned me?” he murmured as he bowed, straightening to look his liege in the eye.

“I need a favor from you, my friend.” The daimyo paced restlessly, eyes fixed on the floor as he concentrated on just exactly how to explain what he needed. “It’s my son.”

“Hiroshi-kun?” Kenshin’s breath caught, surely his lord didn’t know the truth. His life flashed before his eyes, and he lingered on the last memory he had of his lover. He took a deep calming breath, waiting to speak until he was sure his voice would be steady. “What did he do, get some pillow girl pregnant?”

“Nothing like that. But it’s time he left home and lived life away from his mother’s influence. He’s much too womanly, always going on about art and music. As a friend I ask for this favor. Take Hiroshi under your wing. Teach him what it means to be samurai. Protect him from my enemies and his own foolishness. There is no one else I trust to do this for me.”

Kenshin bit his cheek to keep it from twitching. ‘He knows’ his mind taunted. ‘Any minute now the guards will appear to take you into custody. You’ve been sleeping with his son, he can’t forgive that.’

“As you wish, my liege.”