Not too shabby a contest, was it? Did you have a hard time deciding who would win?

Well, in the end it came down to MLGammella, @MLGammella.

Congrats and thanks for your great entry! Don’t forget, MLGammella, @MLGammella, has won All three of the books in the Evan Gabriel series. Gabriel’s Redemption, Gabriel’s Return, and Gabriel’s Revenge.

Not only that, but has picked one of yesterday’s participants to win a copy of Gabriel’s Revenge. That winner is: Ian Wood, @writebastard!

Congrats everyone and enjoy your books!

Here’s the winning entry again for you to enjoy. See you next week!

Title: Freedom Isn’t Free

A missile has no conscience, no concept of right or wrong. It merely exists in its singular purpose. Once the purpose is fulfilled, it has no further use or added benefit.

Reece sat quietly as he waited, knowing his mission was that of the missile. There was no further action required of him after his task was done. If he survived, there wouldn’t be anything he would want or able to do.

The life of a suicide bomber was short, but had such purpose. Reece believed strongly in his cause, the freedom of his people from the Aanti overlords who had imprisoned them so many years ago. Sure, his people lived in relative peace, but they were not free. They couldn’t do anything without Aanti approval, and if they did something without, were heavily punished.

Reece carefully crawled into position in the subterranean tunnels beneath the Aanti’s command center, being as quietly as he could so he wouldn’t trip the motion sensors.

With a final breath and a prayer, he pressed the trigger.