So, it’s April. That lovely month (at least here in the South) of blooming trees and balmy weather and allergies. No allergies? Lucky.

What else happens is April? Well, rather important to me is the release of my debut novel, Fighting Gravity.

Yes, folks, it’ll soon be here. Are you excited???

The observant among you might have noticed that in some places, it’s out there already. That’s exciting and I hope if you found it, you’re enjoying it.

If not, then maybe if you wait until April 18, we can have a big ‘ol PARTY for the official RELEASE DAY and drive Fighting Gravity to the top of the sci-fi charts on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Charts are those fancy things that tell people which books are popular right now and for books in the top spots, it means the readers find books they wouldn’t have otherwise.

I wanna be one of those. I mean, hello. That was the point of writing it, right? To have people read it?

So stay tuned, because on April 18, we’re going to drive Fighting Gravity to the top! Tell your friends!