I won’t pretend this was an unwelcome surprise, in fact, it’s very nice to see that I’m not alone in the exciting new world of (alleged) trademark infringement and a general sense of “huh?” in response to this fun situation:

Read more about it from boingboing here.

And then The Passive Voice addressed it as well:

An Author Receives a Cease and Desist Letter

But all that excitement aside, there’s still a blog tour going on, and here’s the weekly roundup:

Several official blog tour stops this week, plus a guest post on my editor’s blog.

Guest post on Logikal Blog: Why All Writers are Secretly (or not so much) Schizophrenics

Guest post on Kool Queer Lit: Why My Boys are Gay

Interview on Have Novel, Will Edit

Guest post on Lindsay’s Scribblings: Fleshing Out Your Characters

Interview on Francesca’s Mindstream

And a random stop:

On Gabrielle Edits, my editor, Gabrielle Harbowy, let me post on hiring a manager for your blog tour.