Doesn’t everyone do a ‘thank God the week’s over here’s my I’m Getting Ready For the Weekend, Baby!‘ post?

So going into the Memorial Day weekend I bet most of you are looking forward to an extra day off. I am too. Only I’ve taken it by force today since I live and work in a vacation area and we don’t get the holidays off because you do.As we speak I’m headed up to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina to get some much needed quiet time and, oh, write my ass off.

But since you’re probably working today and sneaking Twitter and blog time between tasks, here’s my Friday round up of things that happened recently.

Steve Umstead, @SteveUmstead posted a review of Fighting Gravity on Monday.

Jules, @bookwormjules reviewed Fighting Gravity on Jules Book Reviews.

I was interviewed by Michelle Ristuccia, @mrsmica on the #sffwrtcht blog.

Jeff Pfaller posted a review of Fighting Gravity on his blog.

Some things unrelated to me (because, frankly, I’m not that interesting):

My fantastic editor, Gabrielle Harbowy, announced that she’s got a new column over at Lambda Literary:

I will be answering all sorts of questions about the publishing industry, not limited to: being out in publishing, queries, books, awards, publishers, agents, editors, and how many spaces go after a period. I’m even looking forward to questions that stump me — if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find you someone who does.

The address for questions is publishing @, and the post with more information is here, on Lambda’s website. Please spread the word!

That’s all I can think of right now, which is a pretty good sign that I’ve forgotten something. But check these people out! And have a great weekend!