Get over there! HuffPostBooks (A site you should be checking out anyway,) is running what they call a “spurious ‘Best Novel Of All Time‘ competition.”

That’s right, folks, and it’s down to the last four. Go vote and see what we come up with in this totally scientific and completely binding contest for Best Novel of all Time!

And, to make it more fun, use the comment box here to confess which of these essential (OK, sometimes boring) classics you have never read.

Here are mine:

Never Even Picked One Up: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Ulysses

Started But Didn’t Finish: Moby Dick, War & Peace, Crime & Punishment

(Those last two may not have gotten a fair shake since I was somewhat young and had just finished Pride & Prejudice and might have been looking for something similar… Hint: They’re not like P&P at all.)  😉

As penance, read Ulysses twice (more?) Go in peace.