It’s HERE! Not just the book I’m SURE you’ve all been waiting impatiently for. (Don’t burst my bubble. If you haven’t, just don’t tell me, mkay?) I also have the privilege of sharing with you the first official review of the final book in the trilogy and it’s AWESOME! If you love Impact Velocity half as much as I love this review, then I will have done my job.

IV CoverYou can find the review for yourself on the #sffwrtcht blog, in The YA Report.  Here’s some of what she had to say:

One of the impressive aspects of The Physics of Falling is the way that Petersen takes us through most of Jake’s life, spanning decades between his teenage self, marriage, and parenthood. Because of this, each book has a different feel reflecting Jake’s increasing maturity and shifting perspective, from slum rat to scientist to emperor’s husband. Yet through it all, Jacob Dawes retains his identity as a scientist and reveals himself a man who cares deeply about his loved ones, enough to painstakingly teach himself how to live better for and with them…

The Physics of Falling is an amazing trilogy that no science fiction fan should miss. Leah Petersen delivers on romance, character development, plot and political scheming, and love of science – in no particular order. Each novel is as strong as the first and each offers a different flavor while presenting united themes and plotlines. Leah Petersen has earned my trust as a novelist and I would gladly pick up whatever she comes up with next, even if it be outside my comfort zone, as was a homosexual romance when I started reading Fighting Gravity. Come for the m/m romance or the strong science fiction, and leave with the full plate of a well executed series.

Interested? Well, go get yours!

Impact Velocity – Conclusion to the Physics of Falling Trilogy!

Jake has finally found peace and a family with the man he loves. But when the unimaginable happens, Jake finds himself on the run with his greatest enemy and the man who betrayed them both.

If he can’t find a way to bring down the man who now wields the power of an emperor, he’ll lose not just his own life, but his daughter’s as well.