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The Black God’s War by Moses Siregar

August 26, 2011

You met him earlier this week, on Monday, when I told you who he was, and then again on Tuesday and Wednesday when he hosted #5MinuteFiction on his blog. Now I get to pick on him one more time with my review of The Black God’s War by Moses Siregar III, @MosesSiregar.

The Black God’s War is out! That’s right, it’s not only been released, but it’s at a special release-month price of $2.99.

Here’s what you can expect:

Against the backdrop of epic warfare and the powers of ten mysterious gods, Lucia struggles to understand The Black One.

Her father-king wants war.

Her messianic brother wants peace.

The black god wants his due.

She suffers all the consequences.

King Vieri is losing his war against the lands of Pawelon. Feeling abandoned by his god, he forces his son Caio, the kingdom’s holy savior, to lead his army. Victory ought to come soon.

To counter Caio’s powers, Pawelon’s prince enters the conflict. Rao is a gifted sage, a master of spiritual laws. He joins the rajah to defend their citadel against the invaders. But Rao’s ideals soon clash with his army’s general.

The Black One tortures Lucia nightly with visions promising another ten years of bloodshed. She can no longer tell the difference between the waking world and her nightmares. Lucia knows the black god too well. He entered her bed and dreams when she was ten.

The Black One watches, waiting to see Lucia confront an impossible decision over the fates of two men—and two lands.

Now that I’ve finally gotten to read the whole book in its entirety I can say, with confidence, that this is an example of the best sort of high fantasy. The worldbuilding and detail that went into it reminds me of Tad Williams, an author I adore. The detail of the opposing peoples and belief systems, as well as the role of the gods, was fascinating and well-realized. The many characters required for a story of this magnitude were varied and complex. As the story and the world goes, it’s what every high fantasy reader is looking for.

It’s also a great example of the detail and care every self-published writer needs to take with his product in order to be taken seriously. The cover is breathtaking, the formatting flawless, it was properly proofread. There are none of the punctuation and grammar distractions that self-published novels are often riddled with.

I love it in almost every way. That said, I had reservations about the actual prose. The style of writing is sometimes distracting, and detrimental to the characters and the conflict. Typically, this sort of thing is a real problem for me, but it’s a huge statement about the quality of the storyline, the pacing and development, that I hung in there to see how it all ended. Every beginning writer (me) has his weaknesses, and I think this is a good one to have. It’s a skill that can be learned in the way the imagination and creativity necessary to build this type of story cannot be.

In any case, The Black God’s War is definitely worth the read for the places it will take you. It’s a great ride.

Don’t miss the special release-month price of $2.99. And as an extra or for a friend, if you comment on this post, you’ll be entered to win a FREE Kindle copy of The Black God’s War. Just make sure you leave me some way to contact you if you win. A website link or twitter handle will work just fine. Good luck!

#5MinuteFiction Week 65 WINNER!

August 24, 2011

Is with the rest of this week’s #5MinuteFiction over on Moses’ site!


                                             So who WON?


#5MinuteFiction Week 65 is…

August 23, 2011

Not here. At present I’m somewhere in the hellish experience of flying from CA to NC, which is not a direct flight by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just a fricking long day. So, anyway, you can find #5MinuteFiction on the blog of my friend Moses Siregar III, @MosesSiregar.


Contest starts at 1:30 ET. Have fun for me!


#5MinuteFiction is Going on Tour Tomorrow! Meet the Host!

August 22, 2011

I’m so very pleased to introduce my friend Moses Siregar III, @MosesSiregar and not just because he’s a nice guy. Moses is one of the very first writer-people I met when I was trying to feel out this whole being-a-writer thing. He and I traded some early crits on his The Black God’s War and my Fighting Gravity. I still remember some of the specific points he made and what an impact that had on the early part of my story. (Plus, I just really like that girl he’s got on the cover. She’s purty.)

Well now, The Black God’s War is out! That’s right, it’s not only been released, but it’s at a special release-month price of $2.99.

Now one thing you gotta know about Moses is that he’s going indie, like a lot of writers these days. But Moses is a mover and a shaker. He’s not content to write his book, get it out there, and market it like everyone else. He has to do some pretty amazing stuff along the way like interviewing:

Audio: Patrick RothfussGuy Gavriel Kay, Brandon Sanderson/Dan Wells/Howard Tayler (Writing Excuses)Tracy Hickman, Sherrilyn KenyonMichael A. Stackpole, David Farland/Dave Wolverton, Kristine Kathryn RuschLaura Resnick, Michael J Sullivan, Robin SullivanDaryl GregoryElizabeth C. Bunce.

Text: Daryl Gregory and Michael J Sullivan

Video: See the YouTube Channel for interviews with Brandon Sanderson, Eric Flint, and David Farland/David Wolverton.

Do you see those names??? If even one or two of those guys were aware I existed I’d be over the moon. So, yeah, I’m pretty excited about Moses’s book being out and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Now, the point of this gush-fest is to introduce you to the man who has so graciously agreed to host 5MinuteFiction tomorrow on his blog, A Passion for the Writing Life.

(The funny, stupid-Leah story behind that is that I realized, just a few days ago, that I’d have to reschedule the guest judge I’d booked for 5MinuteFiction on the 23rd because I was going to be on a fricking airplane that day. A fact I had been aware of for weeks. Yeah, so anyway. Moses agreed to come through in a pinch for me. He’s just a nice guy like that.)

So don’t miss it! 5MinuteFiction tomorrow on future-best-seller Moses Siregar III’s blog!

#5MinuteFiction Blog Tour Week 5 WINNER!

April 6, 2011

That’s right folks, we have a winner!

Thanks again to Sam Adamson, @FutureNostalgic for being the final host of the #5MinuteFiction Blog Tour. Did everyone have fun?

Sam did a great job hosting and he tells me (unless he’s lying) that he had fun doing it.

But, now, drum roll please! Based off of a prompt, trap, this week’s winner is…

Corinne O’Flynn, @CorinneOFlynn Here’s her entry:

The police detective stood over the body that was sprawled on the floor at his feet. There was blood everywhere, so much blood. And the way her body’d been flayed open like that was clearly the work of the same guy. No doubt about it.

“You wanna call it?” The police officer asked.

“Yeah, no question. It’s the work of the same guy.” The detective said. “We’ve got to catch him soon, or the chief’s gonna have us for breakfast.”

This was the fourth body to be found in as many days. Usually a serial killer took a break in between kills. Not this guy. If you counted the hours he was actually ramping up. Not good. Not good at all.

The two detectives stood on the edge of the room, careful to touch nothing and stand still on the small patch of dry wood floor available amidst the blood. The forensics team was still five minutes away.

There was a creaking sound above them. The two officers looked up and stared, the brains not comprehending what their eyes were clearly seeing.

The creature crouched on the ceiling like a fly. It was looking down at them with a curious look on its leathery purple-skinned face. It was covered in orange fur that seemed to sparkle in the harsh light from the single bulb in the corner of the room.

There was a snick as it opened its blade-like claws, a single drop of blood dripped to the floor. Its face spread wide in a grisly smile. The two detectives had nowhere to go, the door behind them was shut and opened inward.

The creature had them trapped.

Even if you missed the contest, you can still read the entries here, and find out what our guest judge, Julie Morrigan, thought about the finalists here.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in this week’s #5MinuteFiction. Catch you later!