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CASCADE EFFECT book launch, hosted by Futurecon!

March 21, 2013

I’m so excited about this I could pop. And there wasn’t any innuendo in that, so you know I’m really excited, cause I didn’t even stop to think up something dirty.

I’ve already gushed about this a bit in other posts, but here’s the full details and the announcement poster the lovely J.M. Frey designed and put together for us. We’re having a CASCADE EFFECT LAUNCH Party Friday, April 5, at Ad Astra Con hosted by Futurecon, Good Times for Good Causes!BookLaunch3

TWO Giveaways! Win Cascade Effect and Fighting Gravity!

March 20, 2013

CASCADE_EFFECT_COVER_webI already told you about how I’m giving away two signed copies of Fighting Gravity as part of the celebration of the release of the sequel, Cascade Effect.

But what fun is one giveaway when you can have two? From now through April 2, you can win one of two autographed copies of Cascade Effect!

Here’s where you go to enter. Get on that!

When the Villain Comes Home Nominated for ForeWord Book of the Year Award!

March 19, 2013

WHEN THE VILLAIN COMES HOME, edited by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood, has been nominated for the Foreword 2012 Book Of The Year in the Short Stories (Adult Fiction) category!

Congrats to two incredible editors and all the authors in it! (Congrats, me!)When The Villain Comes Home

Heroes can save the world, but villains can CHANGE it.

We’ve assembled a great mix of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Come with us while we explore villains of all stripes — sons and daughters, lovers and fighters, minions and masterminds, in this giant volume of thirty great stories by award winners, rising stars, and bold new voices. With masterful tales by: Camille Alexa, Erik Scott de Bie, Chaz Brenchley, Eugie Foster, David Sakmyster, Marie Bilodeau, Richard Lee Byers, K.D. McEntire, Peadar Ó Guilín, Jim C. Hines, Ari Marmell, Karin Lowachee, Jay Lake, Julie Czerneda, J.M. Frey, Clint Talbert, Rachel Swirsky, Tony Pi, Leah Petersen, J.P. Moore, Ryan McFadden, Todd McCaffrey, Erik Buchanan, Gregory A. Wilson, Rosemary Jones, Gabrielle Harbowy, Ed Greenwood, Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon, Chris A. Jackson, Steve Bornstein.


March 18, 2013


CASCADE_EFFECT_COVER_webDo I sound excited? I’m a bit excited.

This one scared me to death on several occasions as delays, life, and just silly things got in the way of bringing Cascade Effect to you at the promised time. Made all the worse by the fact that people seemed to actually WANT this. They’d ask me when they could get one and everything!

Well, it’s almost here. There’s a cover and everything! 😉

Next? Details about the launch party at great folks at Ad Astra Con hosted by the amazing Futurecon folks.







My Schedule for Ad Astra 2013

March 14, 2013

Got it! Here’s where I’ll be at Ad Astra Con. Stop by and check out these great panels–and the PARTY–if you get a chance.

Time Room What
Friday 9 – ? Suite 1401 CASCADE EFFECT Launch Party!
Sunday 12 pm Beaufort East Science of Science Fiction
Sunday 1 pm Franklin Things Your Editor Needs to Know
Sunday 2 pm Arctic Save The Cat: Writing Has Rules

It looks like I’m free all day on Saturday, which means I’ll likely have my butt glued to a chair at the Dragon Moon Press table in the dealer’s room, so stop by to say hi. But I bet they’ll let me up for water breaks, so maybe I’ll catch some of the other panels as well.

See you there. Oh, and don’t miss the PARTY! It’s being hosted by Futurecon and it’s shaping up to be a blast! I’ll have more details soon, but there’s going to be a great live band, among other things. And the Futurecon folks are fantastic and help support great causes. So check them out too.