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#5MinuteFiction Week 75 #NaNoWriMo Edition!

November 1, 2011

What is 5MinuteFiction, you say? It’s an adrenaline-fueled, instant-gratification sort of writing contest. Sound fun? Great! Get in there and get dirty!

And to celebrate NaNoWriMo, for the month of November, all the prompts will be designed to feature YOUR main characters in your WIP. (If you’re not participating in NaNoWriMo, no worries. Just use the prompt with whatever characters you wish.)

The Rules

* You get five minutes to write a piece of prose or poetry in any style or genre

* You must directly address today’s prompt: Your main character encounters a demon.

(Note: The prompt is above. The picture is for decoration/inspiration.)

* Post your entry as a comment to this post.

I’ll close the contest at 12:45. That gives you 5 minutes to write and ten to accommodate the vagaries of relative time, technology, and the fickle internets. If you are confused or just want to whine, feel free to email me.

At the close of the contest, this week’s guest judge, R.B. Wood@rbwood author of The Prodigal’s Foole, released yesterday, will nominate five finalists.

I’ll put the nominees in a poll, and at 9:00 EDT tomorrow I’ll close the poll and declare the winner.

For updates, you can subscribe to my RSS Feed, “like” my Facebook Page, or follow me on twitter. Or follow us on twitter with the #5MinuteFiction hashtag.

What’s the prize? Well, usually nothing. But since we’re celebrating our guest judge’s new book, there are PRIZES! How’s this sound:

This week’s winner: Signed copy of The Prodigal’s Foole and a 5 page critique from me.

One finalist chosen at random: E-copy of The Prodigal’s Foole

One participant chosen at random: E-copy of The The Prodigal’s Foole and a 5 page critique from me.

(That’s right, the second-best prize is just for being here and playing with us!)

A Few Notes:

* In the interest of time and formatting, it’s best to type straight into the comment box or notepad. It’s also smart to do a quick highlight and copy before you hit “post” just in case the internets decide to eat your entry. If your entry doesn’t appear right away, email me. Sometimes comments go into the suspected spam folder and I have to dig them out.

* I reserve the right to remove hate speech or similar but I’m not too picky about the other stuff.

* This is all for fun and self-promotion. So be sure to put your twitter handle at the end of your post and a link to your blog if you have one.

RELEASE DAY!!!!! The Prodigal’s Foole by RB Wood

October 31, 2011

It’s HERE! The Prodigal’s Foole by R.B. Wood. This is release day. You can buy your copy RIGHT NOW!

Hmmm, how to encapsulate my opinion of The Prodigal’s Foole? It’s hard because I saw this go through its many permutations prior to publication, so it’s just sorta one of those things that is. How do you describe it except “I love it!” (Or possibly “Thank God he took my advice on that section.”) 😉

I’ll say this, I give critique to other writers a lot. (Often without being asked…) Sometimes it’s honestly a chore to get through an unpolished draft. Granted, I came to The Prodigal’s Foole after it was past the first draft stage, but still. I loved it from page one. Couldn’t put it down.

Here’s the book-jacket blurb:

A man can run from his past … but not his future.

Symon Bryson lives in self-imposed exile until Monsignor DuBarry goes missing and not even the most adept of the magic practitioners can determine the reason for the abduction. The clues lie buried in the past amidst epic battles and horrific losses but reliving that failed mission uncovers fresh challenges and fearsome threats that reunite his old team.

Symon must deal with his own hidden demons and confront the menace that threatens the delicate balance of power. When the darkest of all evils lures Symon into springing a long-planned trap, an unsuspecting world will confront the unthinkable.

When all that stands between Heaven and Hell is magic, more than faith will be tested.

And the blurb he sold me on:

In a world where real magic has been kept from mankind for millennia by organized religion, the dawning of globalization and the communication age threaten a mass awakening and exposure of the darkest and most holy of secrets. 

Symon Bryson is a thirty year-old drifter and former magic practitioner.  Originally raised in secret by the Catholic Church to use his God-given power to fight evil, he has spent the last ten years of his life hiding from a tragedy caused by his wildly destructive spell casting abilities. When a cryptic telegram arrives pleading for his help, Symon returns to old friends and a skeptical Church to solve a mystery and face decade-old terrors that were part of a sinister plan put in motion by the epitome of evil itself.

So, that’s all you get from me by way of expounding on the plot because I figure that says it better than I ever could. (Plus I helped him write the second one.) :p Now, on to the review:

The Prodigal’s Foole is the sort of read I’m always looking for but can be so hard to find. Doesn’t every girl want more action-movie-excitement-with-an-actual-smart-engaging-plot in her life? It’s easy to find the smash-em-up, continuous-stunt-scene type of fiction, and not hard to find a smart, funny read. But it’s really hard to find them together in one book.

R.B. Wood weaves together an imaginative, unique plot with a great feel for pace and real characters. The main character, Symon Bryson has a great, dry wit; he’s such a smartass I was snorting with amusement or full-out laughter every other page.  Wood brings in the cast of characters without drowning us in names and details, and makes them fascinating, distinct pieces of the puzzle. And he does what I consider absolutely necessary in any good book: he makes the characters real and vivid so that you grieve, bleed, and rejoice along with every one of them.

The religion angle was awesome, specifically because it wasn’t religious at all. There’s nothing to offend here, no matter which side of the faith spectrum you fall on. Religious institutions are major players in this conflict that spans continents and centuries because religious institutions are the only other constant over that much time and distance. This book doesn’t preach or proselytize one way or the other. It features believers and disillusioned alike with no prejudice. It would be so easy for someone to shy away from this book because of the presence of the Catholic Church in the plot, and that would be a huge mistake.

I’ve said before that I don’t trust reviews that don’t have anything negative at all to point out, so here goes: There isn’t much sex. Specifically hot sex, with maybe some of the… I mean, more than one… ahem. Yeah.

This is simply a marvelous read, don’t pass it up.

Of course, you can always win your copy. This Wednesday, as part of 5MinuteFiction, I’ll be giving away TWO copies, and on Friday, I’ll be giving away another. All you have to do to win your copy in Friday’s drawing is leave a comment in on this post. (Make sure I have a way to contact you. Twitter handle or website url works fine.)


R.B. Wood is a technology consultant and a writer of Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction and quite frankly anything else that strikes his fancy. His first novel, The Prodigal’s Foole, is now available from Pfoxchase Publishing. Mr. Wood is currently working on the second book of his Arcana Chronicles series and is host of The Word Count podcast.

R. B. currently lives in Boston with his partner, Tina, his dog Jack, three cats and various other critters that visit from time to time.

Find him on his blog:
Feel free to contact him at:

You can find The Prodigal’s Foole on:
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Release Week PARTY!

October 27, 2011


It’s COMING! Next week, October 31, 2011, is the release date for my dear friend (I initially typed that deer friend, which is really pretty funny) R.B. Wood‘s debut novel, The Prodigal’s Foole!

We’re going to PAR-TAY! Reviews, interviews, and prizes to be given away throughout the week. So BE HERE!

In the meantime, enjoy the awesome book trailer.


The Prodigal’s Foole – Lots of My #FridayReads

October 14, 2011

Since it’s Friday, let’s talk about a book that’s been my weekend read more than once. And coming soon to your weekend-read stack is The Prodigal’s Foole by RB Wood, @rbwood!

Only half a month now! Are you excited??? You can get your copy on release day, October 31. For now, though, you can read my micro-review and watch the trailer!


Fast-paced, thought-provoking, and funny as hell.

Here it COMES!!!!! The Prodigal’s Foole Book Trailer!

October 10, 2011

It’s that wonderful month of the year when the weather gets cooler, and everything turns orange and brown (whether you want it to or not.) And this year, it’s also the month of the release of my dear friend’s debut novel, The Prodigal’s Foole by RB Wood, @rbwood.

Rich has been my go-to crit partner for a while now, plus I got to weigh in a fair amount on The Prodigal’s Foole, so I’m really excited about this book. There’s more to come here on Write Me! this month as we ramp up to the release. But to kick it all off: