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UPDATE! In the crazy run-up to the release of my debut novel, Fighting Gravity, I realized I no longer had the time to give 5MinuteFiction the attention it deserves. Our own Nicole Wolverton stepped up and offered it a loving home, given it a whirl on her blog, and will now take it on as a permanent relocation. I’ll miss having it, but this is for the best.


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  1. “You sure you want to do that, chief?”
    “Yes that bastard thinks he can get away with murder.”
    “But he’s the Mayor.” I protest
    “So does that give him carte blanche to take out a rival?” Carl Higgins the chief of police states to me.
    “We don’t have enough proof to take this to a judge to get the warrant.” I complain
    “If I thought we didn’t we wouldn’t be seeking a warrant besides the judge I’m sending you to Sherry Hastings she owes me a favour or two and she hates Mayor Georgia Cantell.” He explains but I’m still unsure.
    This is the Mayor of our city the political fallout alone if we he can prove our case scares me. I’m torn seek the warrant to get the proof or pretend I did and didn’t get the warrant.no I needed to do my job. I pick up the phone at my desk then decide there could be moles I needed to make a personal appearance on this one.
    As I enter the office a few minutes later I am hopeful this will all be over soon.
    “Madame I’m here to….”I begin before I am interrupted
    “I know why you’re here.” she states
    “Really?” I reply hopefully
    “So how are you covering my ass?” she asks
    “That’s why I’m here Madame Mayor we are about to toss you r office your house and your car. Make sure they can find no proof we killed Terrence Whitby.” I command
    “Robert what would do without you?” She asks almost purring
    I open the door and go out listening at the door for what I know will be her reply.
    “So the hit is on. Despense Robert Salas tonight!” I hear through the door
    I take off my mike telling them it’s done. We have her. We can nail her to the wall. My chief is happy and I have a get out of jail free card life is good.

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