We’re going to do it, this Tuesday. Will you be there?

Last week’s was fun, and satisfied all the writerly needs for the impatient writer. It’s a timed contest. At 1:30 pm EST I give the prompt and you have five minutes to write your entry and submit it. There’s a buffer of ten minutes to make sure you got a chance to get here and didn’t have technical difficulties. But it’s fast and furious and a winner is declared before the day’s end.

We’ll all tweet about the winner because this is about fame and fortune(ish) for the impatient, adventurous, and brave!

Seriously, how can you resist when it only takes five minutes of your time?

Come join us on Tuesday at 1:30pm EST (new time to accommodate PST).

Want a real challenge? Tweet this or share it on Facebook so there will be even more victims to show up with your superior writing skills.

Be there or be square.