Yeah, I’ve hit it. The wall. You know what I mean. That point where what you need in your WIP eludes you completely. Right now I feel like slamming my head into that wall.

The desk will have to do.


In leiu of that, want to help me brainstorm? Writers always have the best ideas about… what to write. 🙂


So, here’s the deal. Futuristic society, oldest daughter and therefore heir of the Emperor is approximately 10 yrs old. I need her to do something/something to happen to her between this age and about 16yrs old, that’s age appropriate, that will help build sympathy for this character that I’m going to need later.

Part of the difficulty, though, is that the book is a first-person narration by her father (not the Emperor, the other one.) (Yes, Molly has two daddies.) So whatever happens is filtered through his observations and her conversations with him. The father who is the narrator is the one she sees as the sympathetic one, so she is likely to have more open conversations with him than a tween/teen girl might otherwise.

She’s a great character. Headstrong and stubborn, very smart, fearless, her fathers are big on responsibility and not spoiling the children, which she rebels against a bit, but she’s got a keen sense of responsibility in spite of that. But there’s a nice bit of friction between her and the Emperor, who is trying to train her up to succeed him.

So, that’s not exactly a lot of plot info, but, at the end of the day, kids are kids and I just need a jumping-off idea.